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Erynn Morris Music Teacher

Ms. Erynn teaches private lessons and music/Kindermusik classes in the Baytown, TX area!

Benefits of Kindermusik and Music Education include: whole child development, connection to other subjects, and social name a few!

Upcoming Events 



Spring 2023 Classes


Wednesdays 10am

Every-other Wednesday 5:45pm

Kindermusik Class-Mixed Ages 

Birth -5 years old-Caretaker & Child(ren)

Click the link below or scan the QR code for more information!

Kindermusik Class-Mixed Ages 

Birth-5 years old-Caretaker & Child(ren)

Bi-weekly Wednesday evenings Click the link below for more information! 

Thursday mornings

Kindermusik at Wee School

For Wee School students only

Tuesday, Thursday 

Friday afternoons

Elementary Music, Choir, & Band at First Baptist Academy

For FBA K-6th students only

Mondays 1:30pm

Days and Times vary depending upon availability

Music Class for Homeschoolers (TRU Talent Performing Art at Go Live Campus)

For any K-5th Homeschool students

Please use the link below to register. Do not worry about the physical materials or the maximum age. 

Virtual and In Person Private Lessons

Can start as young at 4 or 5 on up through adults (beginners) Use the link below to find availability and book your lesson.  If nothing is available that works with your schedule, then contact Erynn to see what we can work out.

Upper Grade Level Homeschool Music Class (6th-12th Grades)

Music class for older homeschoolers Fridays 10am TRU Talent Performing Arts at Go Live Campus

Call or Text me at 817-475-5131 for more information.

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